Who are we ?

We are a small business located in Leicester, U.K.
We specialize in all kinds of I.T. work and applications, Whatever you require for yourself or your company we can provide a wide range of services.
We can supply high quality work to your specification.

Mac, PC, iPhone, Android phone, And other electrical repairs.

What we do ?

  • Computer Repairs

    We have expert knowledge in Computer Reapirs. Whether it's a Apple Mac, PC, iPhone, Samsung, Monitor, TV or other equipment, We repair equipment down to component level.

  • Graphic Design

    We specalize in a whole range of Graphic Designs. e.g. Posters, Desktop Publishing, Labels Typesetting, Logos, Badges and much more.

  • Web Design

    We also have built a whole range of websites. e.g. Single Pages, Full Page Websites, Shopping carts and a whole lot more.

  • Application Development

    We have developed iOS Applications for the Apple Store. Whether it's a Business Apps or just a Fun Apps, We can help.

Customer Support

We offer support and advice for all of our customers.
We can help with a number of different things depending on what you require.

  • Design
  • Apps
  • Training
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Repairs

If you need any help with Design work, Application Development, Computer Training, Software Problems, Virus Removal, Printer Setups, Prepress, Hardware Computer Malfunctions, Computer Repairs (Mac or PC), iPhone, Samsung, Monitor, TV Repairs and other electrical equipment. We can find a solution and diagnose any I.T. problems you may have.

One of our specialists is here to help you through the process.